Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sculpting Class Begins

Photos (clockwise left to right): Lori and Cheryl working on their sculptures. After three hours immense progress is made. (Some sculptures actually look like the sculptor). The model. Roberto helps Dagomar. Michael and the rest of the students busy at work.

A dozen students joined sculptor Roberto Garcia at Shy Rabbit tonight for their first sculpting class in the six week session. After three hours amazing progress was made! Using a female head originally sculpted by Garcia as a model, students formed their own armature and built up the structure of a face.

Over the next five weeks they will have the opportunity to continue to refine the features and structure, adding detail and then taking it away. The most common phrases heard tonight were: "You need more mass." More clay, more muscle, more bones!

At 9:15 everyone was still working and no one wanted to go home!

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