Monday, July 31, 2006

"Mind's Material: Sensation, Cognition and Knowledge," Master Works by: Doug Pedersen, Kelsey Hauck and Karl Isberg

Pagosa Springs, Colorado – Shy Rabbit, a contemporary art space and gallery, presents “Mind’s Material: Sensation, Cognition & Knowledge”, featuring the masterworks of Doug Pedersen, Kelsey Hauck and Karl Isberg. The exhibition runs from August 26 – October 7, 2006, with an artist’s reception on Saturday, August 26, from 5-8 p.m.

Gallery hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1-4 p.m., and 1-6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month. Shy Rabbit is located at: 333 Bastille Drive, Units B-1 & B-4. For more information: log onto, call (970) 731-2766, or email

“Mind’s Material” brings the work of Pedersen, Hauck and Isberg together for the first time since their fateful meeting in 1983. The human image is key to each artist’s work, which ends any similarities that they might otherwise exhibit.

Pedersen’s paintings are filled with heads: Heads that look like masks or ancient sculptures. Heads with mouths agape, or lips pursed. Heads with cratered eyes. Red faces on green backgrounds. Gobs of paint and layers of color masterfully applied to canvas creating images of heads filled with expressions of the here and now.

Hauck’s collage figures often incorporate fine Japanese papers that look as if they could be brush strokes of paint. Capturing movement, laughter, emotion and spirit in tiny pieces of paper all placed together to create an image that might be equally beautiful and disturbing.

Isberg paints abstracted heads and figures, using color and geometry to express desire and emotion. Some of his work is vibrant and colorful; other paintings are muted and subdued.

This work evokes passion and stirs emotion. It is art that expresses the human condition, with all its frailties and strengths. It is art that beckons a closer look, and that speaks in uniquely personal terms to each viewer that chances a better understanding.

For more information: log onto or call (970) 731-2766.

Shy Rabbit is located at 333 Bastille Drive, Units B-1, B-4, west of downtown, and just south of the Pagosa Lakes area. Take Hwy 160 to North Pagosa Blvd., stay on North Pagosa to Bastille Drive (at UBC) turn left and stay on Bastille past Hopi. Shy Rabbit is located directly next to Pine Valley Rental. (GPS coordinates are latitude N37 degrees, 15.193 minutes and longitude W107, 5.074 minutes).

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