Thursday, September 25, 2008

Announcing SHY RABBIT ART Advantage Program

SHY RABBIT’s mission is to promote, teach, and nurture the creation of and appreciation for contemporary arts. One of SHY RABBIT’s most heart-felt goals is to enable the economically disadvantaged, who would not have the opportunity or the resources otherwise, to participate in high quality ceramic and printmaking workshops hosted by SHY RABBIT.

Another important goal is to help artists, who may not have the resources available to them, to purchase the supplies needed for the creation of their work. In addition, SHY RABBIT would like to afford artists the opportunity to attend one of their long distance opening receptions by paying a portion of their travel expenses. SHY RABBIT believes that interaction with the public is an important part of an artist’s professional development, and that it builds self-confidence and a better understanding of one’s viability in the marketplace. Personal introduction to the public is also of great benefit to potential collectors interested in knowing more about an artist’s work process and philosophies.

In pursuit of these goals, SHY RABBIT has created a scholarship and funding program to expand upon the benefits it currently offers in arts education. Funds are being provided by SHY RABBIT in conjunction with a group of generous supporters who also believe that art has the ability to change and improve the quality of our lives. SHY RABBIT will begin implementation of this program this fall.

“Museums of art will not make a country an art country. But where there is the art spirit there will be precious works to fill museums. Better still, there will be the happiness that is in the making. Art tends towards balance, order, judgment of relative values, the laws of growth, the economy of living - very good things for anyone to be interested in.”
-THE ART SPIRIT: Robert Henri (1865-1929) Notes, Articles, Fragments of Letters and Talks, compiled by Margery Ryerson.
SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts

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