Thursday, September 25, 2008

Announcing SHY RABBIT ArtistsNet

Launched in June of 2008, SHY RABBIT ArtistsNet is an association of artists who value arts education and advocate for “artists helping artists” in developing viable, sustainable, professional futures. The true strength of this association is in the combined resources of the individual artists participating, allowing for the expansion and promotion of this cooperative support network.

The 14 associates who currently participate in SHY RABBIT ArtistsNet have been instrumental in the development and support of WORK-shops @ SHY RABBIT. Their participation in ArtistsNet has paved the way for their own advancement through the design and distribution of 5,000 postcard mailers introducing ArtistsNet associates and their work to a nationwide audience. An additional 5,000 cards are planned for distribution this fall.

ArtistsNet associates work is also featured on the SHY RABBIT website at: ArtistsNet with links to their individual ArtistsNet pages and personal websites.

The combined resources of this cooperative support network, in conjunction with SHY RABBIT, has also allowed for membership in Pagosa Springs, Durango, Farmington, and Santa Fe area Chambers of Commerce, as well as monthly print advertising in a nationally recognized art publication.

To date, this collaborative marketing effort has proven quite successful, generating sales and the commission of artwork by ArtistsNet associates. Samples of their work can be viewed on widely distributed postcard mailers, and on the SHY RABBIT website at: ArtistsNet

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